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Magnificent mountain Bromo-Semeru

Bromo-Semeru National Park is the only conservation area in Indonesia which has a unique form of sea sand covering 5250 hectares, is located at an altitude of 2392 m above sea level.
Bromo-Semeru Mountains, a mountain that is still active and most famous as a tourist attraction in East Java. Tourist area is promising a beauty that you can not find elsewhere. From the top of the volcano is still active, you can enjoy the ocean expanse of sand covering 10km square, and watch the splendor of Mount Semeru, which rises through the clouds. You can also look beautiful sun moved out of the dusk.
In addition to witnessing the beauty of the panorama offered by the Bromo-Semeru, if you come at the right time, then you can watch Kesodo ceremony, which was held by Tengger society. This ceremony usually begins at midnight to early morning every full moon around 14 or 15 in Kesodo [tenth] according to the Javanese calendar. Kesodo ceremony is a ceremony to beg or ask for a bountiful harvest starting reinforcements and a remedy for various diseases, in particular by offering offerings with tossed into the crater of Mount Bromo. When the procession takes place, other Tengger society rollicking down the cliff of the crater and the offerings being thrown into the crater, as a symbol of blessing from the Almighty.

Getting There You can reach this area by using a private car was hired vehicles. There are four main gate to enter the national park are: the village Cemorolawang if through Probolinggo, Pasuruan village Wonokitri with pathways, Ngadas village of Malang and village paths are paths Lumajang Burno. The route can be taken is as follows: Pasuruan-Warung-Tosari Dowo Wonokitri-Bromo-use cars with a distance of 71 km, Malang-Overlapping-Shack-Jemplang Klakah-Mount Bromo use a car with a distance of 53 kmAtau of Malang-Purwodadi-Nongkojajar-Tosari-Wonokitri-Penanjakan about 83 km
Where to Stay Various hotels and inns can be found around the area of ​​Bromo-Semeru National Park, ranging from inns to four-star hotel can make the choice to stay in the Bromo. Average charge of each hotel is affordable.
Dining Guide Is a bit difficult to find places to eat in this area, especially at night. However, if you stay in the village Wonokitri, about 3 miles down exactly in the market Tosari can be found a few food stalls are open and selling food until 9pm.
Tour You can wander around the National Park area by renting a 4x4 jeep type vehicle. Or, if you just want to get around in the surrounding area Bromo sea of ​​sand, you can hire a horse that is widely available there.
Things to See or Do As for other things that can be seen or done in this area is you can visit some of the objects below:

* Cemorolawang. One entrance to the park which is visited to see from a distance the ocean expanse of sand and crater of Bromo, and camping.
* Tengger Sand Sea and Mount Bromo. Bromo riding and hiking through the stairs and see the sunrise.
* Pananjakan. Seeing the scenery of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru.
* Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo and the summit of Mount Semeru. These lakes are very cold and always foggy (2,200 m asl) is often used as a transit point for climbers of Mount Semeru (3676 m asl).
* Ranu Darungan. Camping, observing animals / plants and charming scenery.
Hand Fruit You can buy a souvenir or gift at some point used the area to see the sunrise. In this area there are many souvenir stalls hawking their wares such as t-shirts or t-shirts, hats skullcaps, scarves and more. In addition, the sea of ​​sand around the area there are also several souvenir hawkers who sell t-shirts or t-shirt that reads Bromo-Semeru.

* The best visiting season is around June s / d in October and December of s / d in January.
* Keep in good health and prepared supplies of cold air barrier such as: warm clothes, headgear, gloves retaining cold air, and taste their food-drink
* Keep in mind that at the peak Penanjakan no pengginapan then from the nearest lodging should go in the morning around 03:00 to 4:00 o'clock in the morning.
Given the difficulty of finding food at night, it would be better if you bought a stock of food and drink as your lunch.


Wisata Bahari Lamongan or shortened as WBL, is a nautical tourism place located at Paciran, Lamongan Regency, Jawa Timur. This tourism place opened since 14 November 2004. Some advance utilities in this place are Under Sea Castle, Insectarium Cave, Space Shuttle, and Walisongo pavilion.

this tourism object located at the northern beach road between Surabaya and Tuban, and near some other advance tourism objects in Jawa Timur like Maharani Cave, Sunan Drajat Cemetery & Museum, Sunan Sendang Duwur Cemetery, and Tanjung Kodok Beach. Near the WBL, about 5 km to the east side, will be developed connecting area known as Lamongan Integrated Shorebase (LIS). Whole, 6 kilometer to the west side, can be found Brondong fish port with its famous fish auction.

Today, Wisata Bahari Lamongan was spreadth until covered Tanjung Kodok Beach and Maharani Cave, with cable train as the connector.

by: Drs. Setya Novanto

World Batik Summit 2011

World Batik Summit 2011beginning Wednesday, September 28, 2011, held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta. In addition to promoting batik to the world, many kinds of original batik in Indonesia is also typical of the region on display there.

Netherlands Bans Foreign Tourists to cannabis cafe

VIVANEWS. The Dutch government issued a ban on foreign tourists to visit some marijuana coffee shops in the city of Maastricht. The reason, many visitors who take psychotropic drugs would threaten public peace and cause traffic problems.
Reporting from the BBC news station Saturday, October 1, 2011, the ban will not apply to tourists from Germany and Belgium, two countries which are the origin of the majority of Dutch tourists. In addition, the coffee shop owners resist the implementation of the ban because it will hit sectors of their economies.
Prohibition in Maastricht is intended as a test before being applied in other cities in Orange Affairs. Dutch revenues from the coffee shop alone reached 140 million euros (Rp1, 9 trillion) in the entire year.
There are around 700 coffee shops all over Holland, where trading activities are allowed, although illegal psychotropic drugs. At least 6,000 people visited the coffee shops in Maastricht every day and no more than just a transit before continuing the trip to Belgium or Germany.
But since this day, visitors who do not have a passport stalls Netherlands, Germany, or Belgium will be asked to leave the store. Shops will be equipped with advanced safety scanner to check passports and identity cards, and security personnel will conduct surprise inspection to support the investigation.
Many have criticized this policy violates the European Union's policy on equality and freedom. "All visitors are forbidden to come to the coffee shop marijuana will be repatriated back to their country, because they break the law.
"We feel this will actually increase the crime rate in their home countries," said the chairman of the Coffee Association of Maastricht, Marc Josemans. According to him, the banning of the visit was just no benefit to the Netherlands.
European Court of Justice of the Netherlands imposed a ban on allowing foreign visitors to the coffee shop marijuana as a means of resistance to tourism psychotropic last December. Dutch Justice Ministry. (Umi)